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Archived News

01 Sep 2000: Infinity Explorer 0.6 released. Major new features are:

More details can be found in the ChangeLog.

23 Jul 2000: Infinity Explorer 0.5 released. Icewind Dale support, spell viewer, item effect viewer and many smaller fixes and improvements. As usual, the details are in the ChangeLog.

04 Jun 2000: Added to the Downloads section the definitions of Infinity Engine file formats in StructLook file format and the Python script to convert StructLook definitions to HTML.

23 Feb 2000: Infinity Explorer 0.4 released. The main thing that is new with version 0.4 is dramatically improved Baldur's Gate support. I finally got back my disks, tested Infinity Explorer with BG and ToSC and fixed all the bugs I found (man, there were many!). Besides that, several new features (both large and small) have been implemented. More details in the ChangeLog.

08 Feb 2000: Infinity Explorer 0.3 released. Major new features are Search for Code, Browsing and the ITM viewer. Also, by popular demand, export of graphics to BMP format has been implemented. As usual, the details are in the ChangeLog.

01 Feb 2000: Infinity Explorer 0.2 is ready at last. Major new features include the viewers for area maps, creatures, BMP graphics and text files (INI and 2DA files). A lot of other minor improvements have been made; you can find the information about them in the ChangeLog.

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